Trip to Gisborne Secondary College

Today was a trip to a highschool that I want to go to because all my friends are going there.The first thing we did was in the theatre and we where doing games.(the theatre was ment to do dramer) Most of them you had to be in a group.

Next thing we did was art, it was my favourite subject. We where making flowers with a CD we used makers and coloured makers.Everybody finished when we where ending the time.

After we had to go back to school I had a great time and I think I might go there for high school.

The Expo day

imageI was so nerves but not many  people came to me just to check how many people got my badges it was lots. I did volcanos I thought lots of people were interested because of my model. Well I r realized Hayden was out side doing volcanos but I did different information and you get a badge each ok maybe I     Should  have done cyclones. Please watch my video.


Today’s experience of coding

Today I was coding if you are wondering it is most computer games like minecraft and some others but you are making some thing move this is like commanding but you are programming to do something for it this is in most video games.

so when I was doing coding you can add more,destroy things,repeat it is as nown as a loop.

we did definition of loop, programmer and algorithm r

loop means a repeat of a program of coding.

programmer  means a person that writes programs and codes.

algorithm means a set of steps in order to solve a problem.



here is my introductory paragraph to my information report…

Have you ever wondered if the lava/manga can come to the crust well volcanos can.Named by a Greek god they are like a vent in a mountain but lava can rise to the crust let’s find out more.




When I went Orienteering. I did  two easy maps they were easy because they where close to each other,  and a medium one. The medium one we got to go in the bush and I loved it.

In my group was Sam and Hayden.

When I was in the bush I went crazy fast, but I am not that fast, it was the fastest I had ever gone.(it wasn’t that fast.)

When I was doing the easy ones, they were just too easy for me.

When I finished my third map, we played number hang man with the years 4’s. you get ten guesses and you have to choose a number and right it on a piece of paper, we started playing it because it was raining. That didn’t go well for us, we could gave done another one.

I was so tired of all the running around,  going into the bush and walking. I loved it lots. It was lots of fun


Online Media

Today we where learning about safety on online media.
(This is why I never reveal my face also it said minecraft is rated 13 I don’t believe it) 🙂
I learnt when you are doing , instagram and all those stuff you might want to Chang in to some clothes that don’t have your logo of your school and job.
Also with that media they know where you did it but in settings you can switch it off.

Every 3 months you should check on your settings.Some times people can cyber bully this is what you should do:
Tell a or grown up or teacher.
If some one is getting bullied help them.

Health types of food


There are lots of healthy food but they are all in a different type of group.


Is most of  the cold food (the food that usually stays in the fridge) some are healthy, some are not healthy. The health ones are milk, cheese and yoghurt.


vegetables have most healthy food like carrot, lettuce beans tomato silver beet


grain in mainly  made out of wheat like muesli, bread and noodles.


meat has lots of protein meat is steak, eggs and fish.

fruit is the one that you mainly have like apple banana and strawberry .

most food you have is healthy and that helps your health.


The day Green object came alive

The Day Green Objects came alive
the disgusting celery hopped in my mouth I felt like frowning up
I felt sad for the lonely Apple
Hopping frogs to the pond
My partner was a green dragon shooting poison
I hear a screeching sound of a T Rex playing the trumpet
I smell a green gum leaf very close.
wait it is on my nose!

By Emma